Jonathan Haddock, APF’s eVitabu Developer, updates us on progress with eVitabu – APF’s groundbreaking e-learning resource library designed specifically for African church and community leaders.

By Jonathan Haddock


eVitabu app gives church leaders access to a whole library of resources.

“The project is growing and I’m excited with the direction it’s taking”

Work is continuing on eVitabu and I shared some improvements with our African partners in early May. May’s update made eVitabu on the tablets faster and there are plans to speed things up again – we’re very conscious the Internet connections in Africa can be slow or unreliable so it’s important our partners can get the materials they need quickly.

Imagine trying to find a book in a library without any classifications or an index. eVitabu users can search for categories in the app, for example discipleship, and be provided a list of resources on that topic. Shockingly, only 6% of content is currently categorised so some development time was used to make the process of applying categories automatic. I would like to formally thank my friend, Adam, for assisting with this feature.

Jonathan introducing church leaders to eVitabu at the launch. 

One of the things we’ve noticed since the eVitabu launch conference is that some users check in regularly, while others may go months without downloading content. Geoff (APF Project Coordinator) spoke to Pastor Heavenlight about this and found Heavenlight had downloaded so much content at the launch conference that he was still working through it! This is great news, but it does mean eVitabu needs to report back to APF showing how it’s being used so we can better plan updates and content. We’ll also then be able to see if a partner isn’t using the system, so we can reach out to them to offer assistance.

The project is growing and I’m excited with the direction it’s taking. We’ve also been in touch with some other partner organisations about forthcoming plans for eVitabu Learn – more about that in a future update! Another development week is booked for early July so I can dedicate a block of time to the project.