eVitabu is a new mobile app, developed by APF, that places an entire library of resources into the hands of rural pastors for the first time.  The eVitabu app, which is installed on solar-powered Android devices will help support pastors’ ministries with large church networks across East Africa, potentially impacting the Christian journey of over half a million people.

The eVitabu app includes studies on personal, spiritual and pastoral growth; audio Bibles in local languages; theology courses from internationally renowned centres; video lectures by top Christian leaders; community development toolkits; and guides on family healthcare, leadership, advocacy, peace-building, and sustainable agriculture. It also enables African pastors to upload and share their own theological insights with their peers. Content has also been provided by partner agencies including Tearfund, Christian Aid, CPAS, Westminster Theology Centre, Lausanne Movement, A Rocha and many others.

eVitabu was launched in Uganda this year on durable Android tablets. 57 influential church leaders from eight East African countries including Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Malawi, South Sudan and DRC are now browsing and downloading the searchable library of content and going into remote parts of the continent to teach and support other pastors and congregations in rural areas. New content can be accessed and downloaded almost anywhere using a mobile phone as a wifi hotspot.

eVitabu is a unique resource. A mobile app full of text, audio and visual training resources in languages spoken across Africa, perfect for even the most isolated locations. This is pioneering work.
Revd Dr Kate Coleman, Next Leadership
eVitabu has the potential to change the face of Christianity in Africa. Churches in Africa struggle as pastors have little access to relevant training. eVitabu changes all that.
Revd Richmond Wandera, Pastors' Discipleship Network