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This easy to use presentation is suitable for churches, small groups and fund raising events. To download, follow the links below.

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Swahili New Testament Bible Commentary Set

Ufafanuzi wa Agano Jipya

APF are beginning to make Dorothy Almond’s Swahili language New Testament Bible Commentary set Ufafanuzi wa Agano Jipya available free online for you to download, save and use for personal study, theological training and sermon preparation.

Matthew, Mark and Luke are available now and other books will be added soon as they become available. Left-click on the book cover to open it or right-click to download. Each book is fully bookmarked to make it easy to find the chapter or verse you need.

“APF’s commitment to building long-standing collaborative relationships, training seminars and provision of Swahili literature is benefitting church-growth and ministry in schools and local communities throughout Tanzania.”
Revd. Amos Nkini, Director of Education, Scripture Union, Tanzania

Picture Sets

Safari Picture Sets

Across Africa, story telling plays a central role in daily life and cultural heritage but nothing brings a good story to life like a good picture. Peter Kasamba painted these brilliantly contextualised picture sets to help leaders in rural Africa teach Bible stories in their communities.

APF are now making this excellent resource available online but if you would like to order a high quality print or a hi-res electronic copy of any of the pictures in the galleries, please get in touch for pricing information.

Click here to explore the catalog.

“In many rural communities, literacy levels are low and pictures are a really useful tool. I painted these picture sets to help APF’s African partners working in village communities bring Bible stories to life.”
Peter Kasamba, Artist
14 Making Friends 3
10 Zacchaeus 5
06 Jesus is Alive 3
04 Birth of Jesus 2