Our Mission


Take a moment to think about a church you know. It will probably be reasonably well resourced. It’s likely to be led by someone who is educated, accredited and qualified to do the job. Maybe that church has good links with the local community and works to serve the needs of its neighbours and make a meaningful impact.

In Africa, few churches have the same privileges.

Dedicated but untrained pastors in remote, marginalised, African communities often struggle to effectively lead their churches. This means churches can be fragile, vulnerable, or unable to bring practical and spiritual transformation to their communities.

It is estimated that over 3 million churches in the developing world are led by people with little or no qualifications for that responsibility. In Africa, it is reckoned that as many as 90% of pastors have never received even a single day’s training.

That is what APF is changing.

The vision of APF is to resource and enable African Christian leaders, of all denominations, to minister effectively through the local church, transforming lives and building flourishing communities.

At APF, we do that by coming alongside influential leaders to help them fulfil their visions for leadership development and pastoral formation. We don’t have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution or an ‘off-the-shelf’ package but we work in long-term partnerships on bespoke objectives.

There are three strands to our work:

Pastoring of Pastors

Flourishing Communities

Hearing African Voices


Our Activities

Pastoring of Pastors


Alongside mentoring senior Christian leaders, at APF we resource in-service training targeted at the most isolated churches. We provide low-cost tools that make a huge difference to rural pastors and their families such as access to literature, transport and solar power.

Flourishing Communities


At the heart of a flourishing community is a thriving church. At APF, we encourage church leaders to engage with their whole community, identify needs, and together find appropriate solutions. This means local African churches tackling poverty head-on and promoting sustainable development that benefits everyone.

Hearing African Voices


Everyone needs an opportunity for their voice to be heard. At APF, we use innovative information technology to provide a unique platform for the voices of African Christian scholars, writers and trainers. We believe the whole Church is enriched by mutual exchange.

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How we’ve helped

“APF’s commitment to building long-standing collaborative relationships, training seminars and provision of Swahili literature is benefitting church-growth and ministry in schools and local communities throughout Tanzania.”
Revd. Amos Nkini, Director of Education, Scripture Union, Tanzania