Our Mission

The church in sub-Saharan Africa has grown exponentially in recent generations but huge challenges remain. Pastors and their families, especially in remote rural areas, have very limited access to appropriate and culturally relevant training, skills and resources.

Since 1981 APF has worked alongside African church leaders so they are able to meet the challenges of their context with confidence and competence.

Today, APF works in partnership with community leaders in seven East African countries to enable effective Christian ministry that addresses practical and spiritual needs.

The ministry of APF is of strategic importance because sub-Saharan Africa is one of the largest growth regions in the global church. In order to meet the rapidly changing challenges of its context with confidence and competence Africa needs well-prepared, culturally-informed and biblically literate pastors. By investing in key people APF is able to enhance the mission of the local church to meet the real needs of local communities.


Our Activities



APF delivers culture-specific inter-denominational leadership development including pastoral formation and practical training. We work closely with community leaders and local partner agencies to help shape, deliver and resource appropriate training that equips leaders to meet the practical and spiritual needs of their communities.

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Pastoral Support


APF provides support to individual pastors and their families in practical ways. Since we develop long-term relationships with our partners we are able to respond quickly and confidently when urgent needs arise. We facilitate inter-church networks and sponsor pastors to study to certificate, diploma or degree level.



APF equip pastors with resources such as Bibles, local language commentaries and bicycles to support their ministries. Tools for income generation such as solar power units make a sustainable improvement in their household income.

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How we’ve helped

“APF’s commitment to building long-standing collaborative relationships, training seminars and provision of Swahili literature is benefitting church-growth and ministry in schools and local communities throughout Tanzania.”
Revd. Amos Nkini, Director of Education, Scripture Union, Tanzania