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By Revd David Stedman (APF CEO)

As CEO, Dave regularly travels to meet with APF partners in Africa. To reduce costs and the number of trips, as much as possible is packed into each trip Dave makes. Here, he shares some of the highlights of his most recent trip:

In Kenya and Uganda, I was joined by two APF supporters including Revd Andrew Fitzgerald, Minister of Canterbury Baptist Church.

It is 20 years since Canterbury Baptist Church linked with Atirir Bible School through APF. To mark the occasion, Andrew presented a card celebrating the anniversary.

Lunch was shared at the home of Revd Francis Esomu, Principal of Atirir Bible School. Francis’ youngest daughter is named after my wife, Cyra.



APF trips always involve unexpected meetings like this one at SHYNEA (Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Awareness Network, Uganda).

These volunteers are all single parents of children living with the condition. All the children were deserted by their fathers when they were born. In addition to the practical challenge of caring for a child with a disability, they also face social stigmatisation.

Another unexpected meeting was with delegates from the Baptist Convention of Nigeria which is sending mission workers to support the Baptist Union of Uganda’s student ministry. Uganda is the youngest nation on the planet with a burgeoning student population.


In Kenya, I presented eVitabu to delegates at the NetACT annual conference at St Paul’s Anglican University in Nairobi.

The pan-African Network for African Congregational Theology brings more than 50 universities and seminaries together for collaboration, reflection and to pool resources.

Pastor Clinton Gbawoh attended the NetACT conference. He serves on the board of the Association of Evangelicals in Liberia. He is the first eVitabu user in West Africa.


Rosa Wanjiru is manager of RSGS Solutions, an IT company based in Nairobi.

Rosa helped me with technical support for new eVitabu users at workshops in Narok and Kirinyaga.

Rosa’s colleagues, Everlynn and Justus, helped to ensure new eVitabu users at Diocese of Kirinyaga got the app installed and registered.


Please Pray

  • For APF partners around Africa, especially the Baptist Union of Uganda, Atirir Bible School and Diocese of Kirinyaga in Kenya.
  • For APF’s collaboration with African organisations like RSGS Solutions, giving thanks for their local expertise supporting the expansion of eVitabu.
  • For informal relationships such as those with SHYNEA and individuals like Okello Anthony. Pray we would be sensitive to their hopes and expectations.


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