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By Jonathan Haddock (eVitabu Developer)

When I wrote my last update, I was about to head into a week dedicated to eVitabu development. It’s fair to say the week was very productive, even if it took on a different direction to what Geoff and I had originally planned.

Jonathan (left) and Daniel (right) preparing new eVitabu updates.

A lot of time was spent working on the Android app itself – the tool used directly by our partners in Africa. Over the course of the week I made some changes to improve how the app could be used, ironing out some creases that had been around since day one. Later in the week Daniel, a friend of our CEO’s, came down to provide a day’s pro bono consultancy on the app. Daniel works as an app developer and leads a team spread around the world. His input was invaluable. Most importantly, Daniel was able to identify a problem that had caused the app to break at random, something that happened on and off since the launch. I had never been able to track down what was causing this and it was great to learn some new techniques.

We’re very conscious that our African partners change their phones and tablets less often than consumers in the West. So, we spent time making eVitabu run on older devices. This update was pushed out to our partners ahead of a big launch in Kenya. The APF team recently had conversations with some colleagues in Kenya, with a view to working together to provide some localised support. Talks are in the early stages but we’re keen to be able to provide better support to our partners in the field.

Please pray:

  • That recently submitted funding bids would find favour and generate the substantial income needed for eVitabu’s on-going development and upscaling.
  • For new supporters to be inspired to sponsor an African pastor to become an eVitabu user, especially in response to a promotional mailing in the Christian Publicity Organisation (CPO) magazine scheduled for October.
  • That eVitabu users engage with the resources and put what they learn into practice, ensuring more effective ministry in local African churches.

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