Jubilee Trees in Uganda

Working in partnership with the Baptist Union of Uganda (BUU) and Climate Stewards, APF’s Jubilee Trees project is planting thousands of indigenous trees around local Ugandan churches. Hundreds of Maesopsis, Grevillea and Terminalia tree saplings are now growing on five church sites in central Uganda with plans for thousands more.

As the trees grow, the church community will benefit from shade, timber, fruit, better soils, water retention and wildlife protection, which will support higher crop yields. They’ll protect people, buildings and soils from strong wind, heavy rainfall and scorching sunshine. By capturing carbon in the atmosphere, the trees will also help to combat climate change which is already having a devastating effect on African communities.

This exciting project was conceived by Peter Mugabi, BUU General Secretary. Peter has seen first-hand the impact of deforestation in Uganda. To implement the project, Peter is being supported by Bernadette Kabonesa, an expert in indigenous forestry from the Ugandan National Forestry Resources Research Institute.

With Peter’s passion and Bernadette’s expertise, this exciting and important project has already captured people’s imagination. Last year, Christian Aid filmed APF’s Projects Coordinator Geoff Holder as the project came together. Christian Aid will use the short film as part of their campaign to coincide with the United Nations’ COP26 international climate change conference which will take place in Glasgow in 2020.

Please give to APF’s Jubilee Trees project by clicking the link below.

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