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Next Leadership are one of APF’s closest partners. Co-founders, Revd Dr Kate Coleman and Revd Cham Kaur-Mann have travelled with APF staff to Africa where they have led brilliant training programmes including the Role Model Leadership Academy. They’ve supported the development of eVitabu and helped APF shape it’s vision. Next Leadership’s ‘She Rises’ course has been receiving plaudits since it first launched and, as Kate and Cham explain, a new online version will kick off in early 2021.

By Revd Dr Kate Coleman and Revd Cham Kaur-Mann, Next Leadership

Over the past few months, protecting the health, safety and well-being of our programme attendees has been our paramount concern. We arrived at the difficult decision to cancel all current in-person programmes for 2020 and to reschedule in a virtual format for 2021.

At a time of significant disruption, the virtual programme will enable women to continue their growth, development and learning through rich content, group work and peer mentoring support. We are confident that our new approach will be just as impactful.

So, if you’re a woman holding leadership responsibility within a church, the public sector, or in the corporate, entrepreneurial, academic or charity worlds, join us for the She Rises online course.

These virtual day programmes are dedicated to empowering women leaders from diverse backgrounds and communities through a process of exploration, personal transformation and mutual encouragement. Women are equipped to recognise and affirm what is ‘good’ and ‘unique’ about their leadership, to aspire to greater heights and to address what is potentially destructive.

She Rises reflects the expectation, inspiration and aspiration of women leaders who wish to make an even greater impact through their leadership in a world that desperately needs more female voices and leadership.

Join us and become part of a like-minded, inspiring and challenging peer group that will enable you to sustain and multiply the impact of your leadership.
What’s more, with every place you book you will be making a difference. Next Leadership will be investing a percentage of each fee into scholarships for women engaging in She Rises across the Global South including Africa.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us via:
[email protected]

We are living in extraordinary times and we look forward to sharing this extraordinary journey with you and others in your network.

Please pray:

  • For Kate and Cham as they prepare to host She Rises online and restructure other seminars for online delivery throughout 2021.
  • Women in Christian leadership supported by APF including Revd Elizabeth Cheruiyot (St Paul’s University, Kenya), Ivy Kabagambe (New Beginnings Foundation), Rose Mugabi (Pastors’ Discipleship Network), Anne Elatu (Baptist Union of Uganda) and Edith Wamalwa (New Horizons).
  • For funding so APF can sponsor women leaders to attend She Rises.