• AbrahamKoech

What we should do when we are down

By Revd Abraham Koech, Kenya
Abraham Koech is a senior Africa Inland Church pastor and Vice Principle of Kapsabet Bible College in Kenya. He shared his most recent sermon with us, full of reflections from Isaiah 6 and explains how […]

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The view from Tanzania

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By Rev Heavenlight Luoga, North-west Tanzania
Unlike most African countries, the Tanzanian government did not announce a strict lockdown. Churches, mosques, and other religious buildings […]

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Lockdown, locust and landslide in Kenya

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By Rev Shadrack Koma, Western Kenya

Western Kenya has faced a triple-hit in recent months. Besides the significant impacts of the lockdown on jobs, incomes […]

Our Vision

The vision of APF is to empower Christian leaders and enable effective ministry that brings community transformation through the local church.


Who we are

African Pastors Fellowship is a UK charity working alongside church and community leaders in East Africa: training, equipping and resourcing so communities might be transformed.

Since 1981 we haves built a committed UK supporter base, diversified our training and projects, forged strong inter-denominational community links and now operate in seven East African countries. We employ three UK staff who support our team of African partners.